Flame Breeder War Sword Cast Iron Fire Cleaver Demon Machete

  • Flame Breeder War Sword

Flame Breeder War Sword Cast Iron Fire Cleaver Demon Machete


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Flame Breeder War Sword is 9mm thick of iron forged steel and ready to rock. You might consider this a cleaver style, or even something an ork might use in the fantasy world of your choice.

Product Description

Flame Breeder War Sword Iron Fire Cleaver Demon Machete 9MM

Embellished entirely by the flames of war, this cleaver style machete (or modern day sword), the Flame Breeder War Sword, is built for the main purpose of chopping and cutting. It has a 9mm blade thickness and a tanto type blade with the angled cutting edge. The blade, handle, tang, and guard are all one solid piece of forged carbon steel. This sword started out as a cast iron steel block and was forged into a functional 1045 carbon steel war blade. The flame pattern is embossed as a part of the steel, it protrudes out from the side of the machete. Comes with triple snapping sheath with back strap. In the fantasy world, this sword might be seen in the hands of an orc or as an Orkish type of sword.

Overall Length: 25 Inches
Blade Length: 16.5 Inches (Linear)
Blade: 1045 Carbon Infused Steel (from Iron), Heat Treated, Quenched & Oxide Finish
Blade Thickness: 9MM
Sharpness & Functionality: Mild Sharpness, Full Tang, Functionally Capable Blade
Tang: Full Tang, One Solid Piece w the Blade
Guard: Carbon Steel, Forged With Tang
Handle: 8 Inches, Forged w Tang
Features: Extra Thick Blade, Flame Pattern Designs Forged w Steel, From Cast Iron
Includes: Sheath, Full Sized Back Strap, Adjustable


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